Who are we ? 

we are two ex-pats from Canada and the USA currently living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Gdansk.

For Michel, it all started while still a student at Concordia University in Montreal. Achieving a BA in Arts, soon his sole focus became photography. Upon graduating, he continued his studies in the US and spend 7 years in NYC exploring various photographic applications, from cityscapes to portrait photography. The next 10 years saw him back in his hometown, Montreal, where he took a position as a head photographer for TC Media’s Montreal branch, a publishing company with a great portfolio of magazines such as Elle, Belle Age, Decormag, Vero etc.

At a certain point, he felt the need to leave the corporate world and go back to his true passion: analog photography in all of its forms, from lomography to wet plate.

Maciej hails from micro electronics and robotics background. His successful career in the field has taken him all over the world and his expert knowledge has gained him a great respect among his peers. Being an analog photography buff, he is interested in all the facets of photography: from finding the right light and taking that perfect shot to the inner works of film developing. This passion has led him to further explore the capabilities of film developing machines and how to achieve consistent results with a special focus on Black and White film processing. Implementing his engineering expertise, the company now offers to photographers high quality film development, done according to their specs, in a consistent manner never before achieved in the industry.

For both Maciej and Michel, this film developming and scanning company is a full time focus.

Thank you for sharing your passion with us!